Friday, August 13, 2010

Let's end this Kaberle drama already

Mercifully the Kaberle trade watch will end in just over 48 hours. The endless, mind-numbing speculation couldn't be more annoying. Kaberle is going to San Jose. He's going to Columbus. No it's the Kings. The Leafs will take Marc Savard. Burke will get Dustin Brown. No he's not trading Kaberle. Burke will take prospects. There is no market for Kaberle. Over 10 teams are interested in Kaberle. The Leafs won't be able to trade Kaberle until the Kovalchuk contract is settled.

Even though absolutely nothing has happened in the 50 days since the trade window opened for Kaberle, that hasn't stopped reporters. They just keep writing about nothing. Absolutely nothing. Reminds me about the Sienfeld episode about nothing.

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