Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leaf goaltending situation is scary

All the chatter surrounding the Maple Leafs is the need for a #1 centre. I don’t disagree that this should be the priority but the lack of depth in net is scary. Right now the Leafs are going with James Reimer (37 NHL games) as their starting goalie backed up by Jonas Gustavsson (67 NHL games). Their number 3 guy would be Jussi Rynnas (0 NHL games). Despite what type of potential these goalies may have no sane GM can rely on this group of goalies to get you into the playoffs. If these young goalies falter well there is no experienced hand to step. I assume this problem will be addressed but Brian Burke has repeatedly said that he is comfortable with his goalies. Well I’m not.

Let’s hope Burke is just blowing a lot of smoke.

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