Saturday, April 16, 2011

Detroit outlaws octopus throwers

A 59 year playoff tradition may be coming to an end in Detroit. The octopus back then represented the 8 wins necessary to win a Stanley Cup. The slimy critters have been smuggled into arenas for decades.

On Thursday night when Deadspin published an account from "Tommy B.", a Red Wings fan who claimed arena personnel encouraged his octopus toss in Game 1, but who was ejected and fined $500 when he tossed his octopus on the ice — after, he said, five others had already been thrown. Ejections are not new but it was the $500 fine that got people's attention. It seems Detroit police enforcing a Detroit municipal codes - at the request of the NHL.

The NHL has been after Detroit to crack down on the practice for several years now.

What a bunch of killjoys.

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