Sunday, April 3, 2011

I do believe I do believe I do I do I do

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So for the Leafs to make the playoffs it would require a total meltdown by both New York and Carolina. In other words, both the Rangers and Hurricane can only win out of their remaining 4 games while the Leafs will have to sweep their remaining 3 games. Well why not?

Last night was just another in a series of must-wins that the Leafs went out and won. With a fantastic effort in the first period, Kessel hit the 30-goal plateau for the third consecutive season, also establishing a new career-high for points (61). Kessel is only the 7th player in the NHL to score 30 or more goals the past three years, the others being: Crosby, Marleau, Ryan, Carter, Iginla and Nash.

By the way the Leafs are now 10 points ahead of last year's finish with 2 games to go. Double digit improvements are significant in an era of salary caps and parity.

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