Monday, May 23, 2011

Tim Thomas one game away from carrying Bruins to the Finals

Tim Thomas would have to be a leading candidate for the Conn Smythe trophy right now. The Bruins played pretty lousy against the Canadiens in the first round but Thomas stood on his head through the series to allow Boston to move on. Round two seemed like a cakewalk with the Bruins who won in four. But that series would have been much closer but for Thomas in net on one end and three struggling Flyer goalies in the the other. Again Thomas has come through against Tampa Bay.

This late game save on Steve Downie is spectacular but not a surprise. Thomas has been doing it all season. In an early season game against the Maple Leafs he robbed Francois Beauchemin in overtime in similar fashion. Coming from the other side of the net to rob the shooter who was just seconds before staring at an empty net.

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