Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NHL trying to get rid of Vancouver's Green Men

Further proof that the NHL has no clue how to keep get fans to come out to games. Recently it was revealed that the NHL has been at war with patrons of Detroit Red Wing playoff games who might want to throw an octopus or two on the ice. This has been a tradition for almost 60 years - before Gary Bettman was born.

Now the NHL is at war with Vancouver's Green Men. The Green Men are silly pranksters who mock opposing players as they sit in the penalty box with props, pantomimes and acrobatic taunts. Like waffles when the Leafs came to town. Totally harmless.

The league has informed Force and Sully (their pseudonyms) that they're no longer allowed to touch the penalty box glass or perform handstands to distract the visiting team's players. It's a liability issue they are told. Seems the same excuse was used in Detroit.

When will booing be outlawed?

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