Friday, October 28, 2011

Reimer: whiplash or concussion?

Maple Leafs

At MLSE there always has to be some drama going on. Will Mat Sundin waive his no-trade contract? Will Tomas Kaberle be traded? When will Luke Schenn sign? Will Jake Gardiner make the Leafs? Will Nazim Kadri be sent to the Marlies? When will Tim Connolly finally play? It never ends.

So it's not surprising find James Reimer's injury spin into the latest drama. Not that it really matters if it is a concussion or whiplash injury. This kid is hurt and can't play. What's become the story is the elusiveness of Leafs management when the subject is raised. No transparency here though part of the reason is NHL policy which discourages full disclosure.

Brian Burke has made it clear that he has whiplash but “is being treated for concussion symptoms." Hmm sounds like he is being treated for a concussion then. It didn't help that Jonas Gustavsson let it slip before the Ranger game that Reimer had a concussion. But perhaps he was confused by the tricky language being used since his native tongue is Swedish. Seems to me the only person with whiplash is Brian Burke trying to avoid reporters' questions.

Reims get well real soon!

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