Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finally a Leafs goalie steals a win

It's been a while since a Leafs goaltender actually steals a win, especially on the road. Fortunately Ben Scrivens did just that tonight against the Blues in St. Louis.

In the last 45 minutes of the game the Leafs were only able to manage 8 shots on net. Jaroslav Halak went through long stretches without a single shot on net. During the same period of time, Scrivens faced 32 shots and was forced to make some huge saves to keep the Leafs alive. Some pf the saves in the 3rd period were in the spectacular variety.

We already know Scrivens is capable of playing week. We saw that in the game against Columbus last week. The issue is whether he can be consistently good. How long will we have to wait to see another performance like this. Let's hope no longer than Saturday.

Meanwhile Phil Kessel was dangerous all night long in the other end. He scored a goal on a powerplay as well as the only goal in the shoot out. That goal was his 12th of the season and is 23rd point in just 16 games.

The penalty killing was better with only one goal allowed on 5 tries. But I've always said a good goalie will make you penalty killers look better.

You couldn't help but notice how Ken Hitchcock has already has an impact on the Blues. They skated hard and hit a Leafs player as often as they could.

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