Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bad penalties and bad penalty killing - a proven formula for defeat

The only thing worse than taking a bad penalty is taking a bad penalty when your penalty killing is subpar. The Leafs took a bunch of bad penalties last night against the Capitals and coughed up 4 powerplay goals. That was all Washington needed as they beat the Leafs 4-2.

Good - The Leafs outscored the Caps 2-0 while even strength. So in a game in which the Leafs lost none of their players was a minus in +/- while no Caps were a plus.

Bad - A decent team with good goaltending and defense makes no sense. Once again I have to point to coaching. The talent is there but the system or at least the execution stinks.

Good - Phil Kessel scores his league leading 18th goals which keeps him on pace for 50 for the season.

Bad- It's embarrassing when a defenseman scores a hat trick on you. Dennis Wideman has only 62 career goals and never scored more than 13 in a season. This isn't Mike Green.

Bad - The Leafs are not on pace to make the playoffs at this moment. I worked it out that they would need 11.5 points for every 10 games played to prettyt much guarantee a spot in the post season. In the first 10 games they earned 15 points. In the next 10 games they only got 9 points. Over the past 9 games they have only earned 9 points which means they will be under the 11.5 points/10 games pace for 20 games now. If not for their early winning streak they wouldn't even be in the top 8 right now.

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