Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So far Wilson's contract extension isn't working so well

The Leafs and the Florida Panthers remain the only NHL teams not to make the playoffs during the post-lockout era. Though it's looking like Florida will drop out of the exclusive club this season. As for the Leafs, they're looking to extend the streak another season. The most pathetic aspect of this game was that Florida had 8 regulars out with the flu.
Good - The Leafs got some secondary scoring with two goals from Mikhail Grabovski who clearly had his best game of the season.  The Leafs dominated in stretches including much of the first period.  In the final period the powerplay hit two posts.

Bad - The worst penalty killing team in the NHL stayed true to form by allowing two goals on 3 opportunities.  They have now allowed powerplay goals in four straight games and nine out of ten games.  Drawing a penalty for too many men on the ice when you are already down a man is only going to turn out bad when you have weak peanlty killing

Good - There were so many Leafs fans at the game it felt like a home game.  Through much of the game, the Leafs fans drowned out the Panther supporters.

Bad - Let's get to the goaltending.  It was awful.  James Riemer allowed 3 goals on jusst 8 shots.  Jonas Gustafsson was only marginally better.  Giving up a couple of soft goals and a pair of powerplay goals will not win you many games. 

Good - The Leafs coughed up the puck only two times which is a significant improvment over the past few games.  But then they found other ways to lose.

Bad - Ron Wilson's contract extension.  This mess will not end soon.

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