Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gustavsson's chance to shine is now

With J-S Giguere out the next three to six games with a groin injury, it'll be time to see what, exactly, Jonas Gustavsson can give the Toronto Maple Leafs in goal. Ron Wilson has told the media that he already knows what the Monster can do. But who would expect Wilson to ever agree with the media? The reality is that Gustavsson has not been given a long stretch of games to play in since his arrival in Toronto. These next few weeks will tell management whether this is a future starter or whether they need a contingency plan for next season. Afterall he is 26 years old and not getting younger.

Let's face it although the Leaf goaltending has been better this season, it would be a stretch to say it was good. Statistically they are in the bottom one-third in almost every statistical categories. Until tonight, you could safely say that neither goalie has stolen a win for the Leafs.

So far so good. The Leafs won their first game with Gustavsson as their #1 starter and he was the first star of the game. He looked particularly sharp in third period when the Devils were pressing. He may get a string of up to ten consecutive starts so lets see what he can do.

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