Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jonas Gustavsson about to steal the starting job

Jonas Gustavsson may have quietly pulled the rug from under J-S Giguere. After last night's tidy win, his season numbers are: 2.30 GAA (12th overall) and .922 SAV% (13th overall). In addition, the Leafs have now won 3 out of past 4 games and he has allowed just 4 goals in 10 periods during that stretch.

I was at last night's game against Dallas and although he did not steal the game, his play was solid. It will be interesting to see how Coach Wilson handles his goalies when Giguere is healthy. Before Giguere's injury, based on the number of starts he was getting, Gustavsson would have only played about 25 games. If he stays healthy that might increase to 45-50.

As for the rest of the team, they continue to confuse me. Although most fans calling Andy Frost after last night's game were typically bubbling with optimism (which always follows a win) I was not that impressed. The Stars looked very flat and for long stretches the Leafs played at that same level. In fact it was an extremely boring game. However, there were short stretches where the turned on the jets and overpowered the Stars. If they had played the game with a high level of intensity it would have been a blow out.

But this is a young team, youngest in the NHL and so you have to assume their is lots of room for growth.

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