Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's November so Maple Leafs must be falling

Well you can put a fork into the 2010-11 season. And while you're add it, the same goes for the 2011-12 season. Sure I'm being a little dramatic but I'm a Leaf fan afterall. After a lacklustre effort in Tampa Bay we were all sure that the Leafs were going to come out guns blazing. The Panthers were expecting it too. Instead we got the same listless game.

Right now there is no team in the NHL the Leafs could beat. The Islanders who have their own 7-game losing streak must be checking their schedule to see when the run into Toronto so they can finally pick up 2 points. There is no help on the Marlies and no team is going to be throwing Brian Burke a lifeline. Besides no move Burke has made as GM has worked out.

So Burkie how is it managing in the Vatican, the centre of the hockey universe?

It is becoming painfully obvious to everyone but the stubborn Irishman running the franchise that the quick fix, Phil Kessel, has set the rebuilding program back two years. In the post-lockout era of the NHL rebuilding requires sinking to the bottom of the standing and using those high first round picks as your nucleus. So it looks like the Bruins will have a dynamite in a couple of years with their two lottery picks. The Leafs will have to be bottom dwellers for extra couple years to recover from Burke's signature trade. And you thought the Raycroft deal was bad.

I can't see Ron Wilson surviving but that's not going to bring more talent to the team. Still it sure doesn't seem like the players are listening to him.

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