Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cliff Fletcher failed as Leaf's interim GM

From January 26, 2008 until November 29, 2008 Cliff Fletcher served as interim GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. During that short tenure to began the current rebuild of the Maple Leafs including 9 trades and 3 free agents signed. Those 12 deals provided little help to the Leafs in hindsight. Perhaps the worst deals were the Jeff Finger contract, the Mike Van Ryn trade and the Lee Stemniak trade. Fletcher kept trading away assets and got nothing much in value. In some cases the draft picks he obtained were used to make other deals rather than stock the system with prospects. A trend being continued by Brian Burke. The only clear winning deal was the trade for Mikhail Grabovski who is arguably the best Maple Leaf at this moment.

02/26/08 5th round pick (Jerome Flaake) Wade Belak No winner
02/26/08 3rd round pick (Jamal Mayer trade) Chad Kilger No winner
02/26/08 2nd round pick (Jimmy Hayes) Hal Gill No winner

5th round pick (Ryan Hollweg trade)

06/19/08 Jamal Mayers 3rd round pick (James Livingston) Loser
06/20/08 1st round pick (Luke Schenn) 1st round pick (Colin Wilson) No winner

2nd round pick (Aaron Ness)

3rd round pick (Shawn Lalonde)
07/03/08 Mikhail Grabovski Greg Pateryn Winner

2nd round pick (Jared Knight)
7/14/2008 Ryan Hollweg 5th round pick (Andy Bathgate) Loser
9/2/2008 Mike Van Ryn Bryan McCabe Loser

4th round pick (Sam Brittain)
11/24/2008 Lee Stemniak Alex Steen Loser

Carlo Colaiscovo

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