Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marc Savard takes another hit to the head

It's obvious that Marc Savard's days as a useful NHL players are numbered because he is essentially one hit away from retirement. The hit he took below was legal according to NHL rules but you can see that his head hits the glass and boards. He was pretty sure he didn't have a concussion but was only dazed. He finished the game and didn't miss a shift. But you could hear the stunned silence of the crowd. They all know what we know which is that Marc Savard is a talented player but comes with a big contract and high risks. His history of head injuries makes him untradeable. You can't build a team around a centre who could be knocked out for the rest of the season by one good bodycheck.

This is why the NHL needs to outlaw all hits to the head. Now that Sidney Crosby has had a concussion he becomes more susceptible and could be following Savard down that slippery road to hockey oblivion.

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