Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brendan Shanahan gets tested early

Brendan Shanahan is the new NHL disciplinarian and he is being tested early. Jody Shelley skated hard and gave Darryl Boyce a stiff check from behind in tonight's game. Shelley was given five minutes for boarding, five minutes for fighting sought retribution) and a game misconduct. Boyce didn't return to the game in the second period. As it turns out Boyce wasn't seriously injured - just a broken nose.

After the game Boyce seemed to think it was no big deal which just goes to show how well accepted it is in the NHL to hit from behind. The NHL had just the week before sent videos to all the teams to educate players on what kind of hits would lead to a penalty. Seems players aren't getting it. If you look at the video, not only did Boyce have his backed turned but he had unloaded the puck well before he got hit.

UPDATE: Maybe the players will get it following the 10-game suspension handed out to Shelley by Brendan Shanahan. This is a strong message because the hit didn't lead to a serious injury. Can't remember when a minor injury earned someone 10 days off. But Shelley was suspended twice last season so he is a repeat offender. Clearly a message has been sent out. Can't wait for the first illegal hit leading to a more serious injury.

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