Friday, September 9, 2011

There is a dark cloud over the hockey world

The game I’m passionate about is going through a very rough time. To some extent hockey is going through a period that this is far worse than any lockout. I thought the game was experiencing a renaissance as a result of rule changes that opened up the game so that it could be played the way it was intended to be played – fast and furious.

The best demonstration of hockey as it should be played was the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Since that time a dark cloud has hung over the game. The incidence of concussions has exploded with over 10% missing games last season with head injuries. Many of the injured are the stars of the game. While concussions have always been an unfortunate part of the game, too many of this injuries have been deliberate hits to the head. This year we saw a series of tragic early deaths from Bob Probert to Wade Belak. Finally the devastating loss of the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team this week. How much can the hockey world endure?

My passion for the game is still there but this isn’t much fun.

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