Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't fire Ron least not yet

There really is no point to firing Leafs Coach Ron Wilson at this point of the season. The Leafs are just 5 points back of Winnipeg with 18 games remaining and 2 games in hand on the Jets. Ignoring the past 11 games, their winning percentage in the first 50 games of the season suggests they will not be able to make up the gap.

I guess a miracle turnaround can happen though these things never happen to the team with the "Curse of Frank Mahovlich." Since the Leafs are all but mathematically out of it then there is no point in changing coaches. Let Wilson get his team out of their current funk and see what happens. I believe they are a good team that is not playing to their potential.

During the off season Brian Burke can evaluate his team and decide whether he should move forward with a new coach or the current one. Despite the angst from fans, Burke knows what he is doing. He agrees that the best time to make coaching changes is in the off season. I agree except where you think a mid-season change can salvage your season. This is no longer the case in Toronto.

In the interim if the team wants to avoid the boos and catcalls, they need to pull up their socks.

UPDATE: Well as usual I can never predict what Brian Burke will do. In fact he always seems to do the opposite of what I think he will do. No doubt he is not prepared to write off the season and gave Wilson more than enough time to pull the team out of the slide. I'm predicting it is too late but Burke will likely prove me wrong.

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