Monday, March 19, 2012

Maple Leafs preparing for their annual spring ritual

Tonight's one-sided, inept effort against the Boston Bruin hopefully ended the silly talk about the Leafs still having a chance to make the playoffs. The six-game series against the Bruins would convince most people that the Leafs roster needs to be blown up. It was embarrassing.

Only 13 shots on net. Tim Thomas must have had difficulty in staying awake. Meanwhile the Bruins fans happily chanted "Thank you Kessel" and who can blame them. No Bruins player has 35 goals but no one in Boston misses him. When the game gets tough, Kessel looks real small out there.

It seems each season the Leafs aren't good enough to make the playoffs but insist on making a futile push to anyway. The only thing they accomplish is to move the team out a lottery pick and the possibility of picking first overall.

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