Friday, March 23, 2012

Realignment wouldn't have helped the Leafs

Let's face it when you only have 72 points you aren't going to make the playoffs no matter how the teams are aligned. In fact right now the Leafs have the last lottery spot. But realignment which was rejected by the NHLPA would have helped some teams. For instance Buffalo would pretty much be in.

Conference A

87 Boston
85 Florida
84 Ottawa
80 Buffalo
73 Tampa Bay
72 Toronto
69 Montreal

Meanwhile Washington with the same number of points as Buffalo would be pretty much out. Their conference would have been much tougher.

Conference B

99 NY Rangers
96 Pittsburgh
92 Philadelphia
89 New Jersey
80 Washington
75 Carolina
71 NY Islanders

Vancouver's conference would have been the tightest. Five teams would be in fight for 3 spots much like the current situation.

Conference C

95 Vancouver
85 Colorado
84 Los Angeles
84 Phoenix
82 San Jose
82 Calgary
75 Anaheim
66 Edmonton

The final conference would have been the strongest. Winnipeg who still has an outside chance at a playoff spot would have been 16 points back instead of 5. Even Dallas would have been out of the running for the playoffs.

Conference D

100 St. Louis
93 Detroit
92 Nashville
92 Chicago
85 Dallas
76 Winnipeg
70 Minnesota
53 Columbus

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