Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Predicting hockey deals is a fool's paradise

Trade rumours are generally the product of sports columnist with nothing to write about.  Once in a while a reporter will actually get a hot lead when an executive lets it slip that something is in the works but that is rare.  However, fans eat up the stuff and it becomes watercooler talk (are there still watercoolers in workplaces?) for days and weeks.

Take Damien Cox.  Last Friday he writes a column about 3 players that the Maple Leafs will be after - Nashville defenceman Dan Hamhuis, Florida winger Nathan Horton and Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp. Now he never says these moves will happen must suggests that they are players would love to acquire.  Now there are hundreds of players that the Leafs would happily put into a Toronto jersey so what Cox is really saying that these are targeted players.

The very next day the Philadelphia Flyers strike with Nashvillie sending defenceman Ryan Parent to the Preds for the rights to Hamhuis.  No doubt he will be signed to a long-term contract before July 1.  Then today Horton was traded to the Bruins for a 1st round pick, a 3rd round pick and Dennis Wideman. Anyone want to bet Sharp will be in a Leaf jersey next season?

Though I found the Horton deal fascinating.  He essentially replaces the offense of Phil Kessel although Kessel is 2 years younger and has two 30-goal seasons to Horton's one.  Also Horton is paid $1.4 million less than Kessel but coming off just a 20-goal season. With all the angst in Toronto over the Kessel trade, the Bruins paid almost as much for Horton who has yet to prove that he can be a consistent scorer in the NHL.

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