Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tomas Kaberle should be looking for a real estate agent

It was well reported today following an interview on Rogers Sportsnet that Brian Burke has received two inquiries regarding Tomas Kaberle. He characterized them as more than just nibbles.  Now this in itself shouldn't get people too excited since GMs periodically check in on the status of Kaberle. Except this time maybe things are different.

In the past Burke has stated that he wasn't looking to trade Kaberle and that a team would have to knock his socks off before he would consider making a deal.  He still says he isn't looking to trade Kaberle but he did ask Dave Nonis to send a note to all teams explaining how exactly Tomas’ no-trade works.

Why would you lay out the rules of engagement to other GMs if there wasn't a for sale sign around Kaberle's neck. This pre-emptive more is intended to generate more interest and better offers. By the way he can be traded from the start of the Entry Draft (June 25) until August 15.  So stayed tuned.

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