Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Justin Pogge all over again

As I predicted in April, the Montreal Canadiens have decided to keep Carey Price and have traded Jaroslav Halak. As I mentioned the Canadiens are fully committed to Price and unwilling to give up on a goalie that is considered by some to become a franchise player.

The risks are high because Halak has proven that he can play with the best but Price has not. If he turns out to be a bust then in the minds of Canadien fans, this will be their version of trading Tuukka Rask and keeping Justin Pogge. That sting will hurt for quite a long time.  However, at least the Canadiens will not see much of Halak in the Western Conference unlike Rask who plays for a divisional rival.

It doesn't help that the players coming back form the St Louis Blues (Lars Eller and Ian Schultz) are totally unknown to Montreal fans.

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