Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things to bring to a Maple Leaf game

There are still Maple Leafs that come out to support the boys in Blue but there just hasn't much to cheer about.

More and more we are seeing fans express their support for the team by bringing a home-made sign to the game.

I suggest bringing a very hot girl to the game in case you get picked up at the game by the Kiss Cam. You don't want be stuck kissing your beer buddy.

If you plan on having something to eat or drink at the game your better bring a credit card with a hefty limit.

Speaking of food, don't bother trying to sneak waffles into the game. Security will be checking patrons for recording devices, bottles and waffles. Instead consider bringing a waffle iron and cook them at the game.

A growing number of Leaf fans are finding it embarrassing to be seen at a game especially when the game is a blow out.

Some people like to catch a quick nap during the game especially if they have had a long difficult day. Best time to do so is in the first period when the Leafs usually take their nap. But bring a sleeping masks because the TV lights are annoying.

If you get bored during those long stretches where nothing is really happen (about 45 minutes before the Leafs' comeback attempt that generally falls short) it might be wise to bring a game to keep you amused.
Of course the most common form of entertainment for Leaf fans is texting friends from the game letting them know how wise they were to turn down the offer of the tickets.

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