Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quebec fans are getting strategic

According to Le Journal de Quebec, 23 busloads of fans will be making their way to Long Island for a game between the Islanders and the Atlanta Thrashers led by Vince Cauchon, a Quebec radio personality and founder of "Nordiques Nation".

Choosing a game between the NHL's 28th and 29th-ranked teams in attendance is no coincidence. Quebec fans want to demonstrate that they are ready to support NHL hockey and don't need a winner to come out to games. In addition, they know that the Thrashers are one of a number of teams not doing well and want to signal they are welcome in Quebec.

A rally in early October drew 50,000 Nordiques supporters as the local government is inching closer to getting a $400 million state-of-the art arena built in hopes of luring a current or expansion NHL franchise there.

The Islanders are just happy to have sold an extra 1,000 tickets.

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