Monday, January 30, 2012

Brian Burke vs. Don Cherry

The two biggest blowhards in professional hockey appear to be posed to do battle. Yes, the loud and obnoxious CBC hockey analyst, Don Cherry, and the low and obnoxious General Manager of the vastly wealth but inept Toronto Maple Leafs don't seem to like each other these days.

It seems Don Cherry has been picking on Leafs coach and Burke's BFF, Ron Wilson, a lot. Cherry doesn't care for Wilson and calls Wilson a bully. Cherry thinks coaches should be going out for beer with their team. Things got a little ridiculous during a recent Coach's Corner when Cherry ran a video of Wilson with his arms crossed during a break in play at the Air Canada Centre while a member of the Canadian Arms Forces was being introduced. The crowd including Wilson's assistants is applauding the veteran. Cherry who considers himself to be a great patriot uses this to launch into a tirade against Wilson.

Burke's has been going out of his way to defend his beleaguered coach who he refuses to fire despite Wilson's mediocre record over the past 3 1/2 seasons. Over the weekend Burke indicated that he complained to the CBC. Like the CBC now has to defend an anti-Toronto bias while the rest country accuses the network of having a pro Toronto bias. So Cherry doesn't like the way Wilson treats his players. Burke doesn't like the way Cherry treats his coach. You can't win.

Of course there is no point in going after Cherry since the CBC gives him a soapbox to stand on every HNIC telecast. So on Sunday he responds to Burke on air. Can't we just all get along?

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