Saturday, January 14, 2012

Streak ends at 4 for the Leafs and Gustavsson

The only sure thing about winning streaks is that they always come to an end, usually much sooner than you like. However, it's like falling off your bike, you get back up and start rolling again. Yesterday's loss was reminiscent of previous losses, not enough effort, goaltending, offense and luck (after all it was Friday the 13th).

Good - Grabovski's line has come alive and scored all 4 goals in the back to back games against the Sabres. The entire line of Grabovski, Kulemin and Crabb are free agents at the end of the season so I imagine that want to finish the season strong and put themselves in a better bargaining position whether it be the Leafs or another organization.

Bad - It's a good thing the Grabovski line is woken up because the first line has cooled off somewhat. In fact Kessel, Lupul and Connolly were a combined -6 for the night. Not so good.

Good - The penalty killers weren't real busy last night but they were perfect in the penalty killing situations. Part of the reason for their 4-game streak was better penalty killing.

Bad - I may be accused of picking on him but Mike Komisarek has been a -3 in the 3 games since he returned to the lineup. While the team overall has been an even in that period. I'm sorry but he is a liability out there.

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