Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Winter Classic in photos and videos

The game was another success for the NHL. Maybe every game should be played out doors? Okay that might be a challenge in Florida or Phoenix. Over 45,000 showed up for the game. The weather cooperated. The NHL sold tons of jerseys and other licensed items. The TV audience was great so lots of money was made by all.

Brayden Schenn's first NHL goal in front of over 45,000 fans and a huge TV adience. An unlikely hero in Michael Rupp who scores his second goal of the game. The winning goal was scored by Brad Richards. Then a little of drama and controversy when Daniel Briere is awarded a penalty shot with sconds left in the game. The game was nearly perfect. Well it turns out NBC brought back the temporary pariah Mike Milbury who slipped out a bad word that the guy on the dump button failed to catch.

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