Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm happy with Bronze

Canadians tend to be a reserved bunch except when it comes to hockey.  Bring out the skates and sticks and we become just plain obnoxious.  Hockey is just too much a part of our national character, one of the few things that can bring the country together.

So at every international hockey tournament, the expectation is that Canada will win the gold medal.  I take that back, we believe that Canada is destined to win gold.  That kind of attitude is just rediculous.  We haven't dominated hockey in decades.  There are two or three countries that are clearly our equals and every medal has to be earned.

So although many Canadians may be disappointed or indifferent to a bronze medal, I'm delighted.  Those kids playing for Team Canada should be proud.  There is always a lot of pressure put on these youngsters and playing at home makes it that more difficult.

There is no reason to apologize or feel bad.  Canada has won a medal in 14 straight junior championships.  They just haven't all been gold.

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