Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is this one of the "rats" Brian Burke was referring to?

Brad Marchand's very very low hit on Sami Salo earned him a 5 minute major for clipping and a game misconduct. Just earlier in the week Brian Burke let loose with an angry rant that received considerable media attention that only the players on the ice (ie, enforcers) could keep the rats in the league in check.

His comments were a reaction to his demotion of Colton Orr to the minors. Burke is not one to admit to a mistake and signing Orr was clearly one. His history of concussions has made him damaged goods. So instead Burke likes to blame other for his mistakes.

League disciplinary action can keep the rats in check. Look at Matt Cooke this season as example on how it can work. Let's see what the league does with Marchand. In the past Burke was responsible for handing out disciplinary penalties and he gave most rats a free pass. His preference was to allow those on the ice to hand out the discipline. Sounds a little like vigilantism to me.

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