Saturday, January 21, 2012

Leafs have a losing record since Wilson's contract extension

So is it a coincidence that since Christmas Day when Ron Wilson tweeted that his contact was extended, the Leafs have gone 5-6-1 and dropped out of the top 8? Certainly that extension was premature but it does give Brian Burke's pal a $1.5 million cushion should his ass get kicked to the curb this spring. Tonight's 3-1 loss to Montreal is not the first time this season where the well rested Leafs lost to a tired team that had played just 24 hours earlier. It makes it that much more difficult to watch knowing these are games where the schedule gives the Leafs an advantage they often pass up on.

Bad - Turnovers and bad defensive coverage killed the Leafs tonight. But so did Jonas Gustavsson who seems to give up the bad goal far too frequently. Sure he made that terrific save on the Lars Eller breakaway but he also gave up a goal that he should have had. That can transform a one goal lead into one goal loss.

Good - Well the Leafs have gone 9 games now with out giving up a powerplay goal. But they were so bad in the first 38 that they are still in last place in penalty killing.

Bad - What dug the Leafs into a bigger home was a series of calls that went against. There a delay of game penalty that shoud have been called for tripping,. That penalty would given the Leafs a 5 on 3. On the winning goal, some one had sat on Gustavsson which caused him to lose his focus.

Bad - Wilson got credit for waking up the Leafs' offense by juggling the lines. Well his brilliance only lasted one game. Tonight Kessel and Lupul looked lost out their without each other. Kessel reverted back to taking long or bad angle shots that either missed the net or were easily stopped by Carey Price. Meanwhile Lupul was on the ice for all 3 of Montreal's goals. The Leafs are not such a deep team that they can afford to break up their best pair.

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