Thursday, March 3, 2011

The highs and lows of Dion Phaneuf

Consistency is not something that Dion Phaneuf has a grasp of at the present moment. I don't mean from game to game but even from shift to shift. It is maddening which is why Leaf fans have not shown much love for Phaneuf. The pressure on him only increased when he was name captain this season. Yet what he is experiencing is not unique for defensemen and he is still considered young. But few starting their NHL career so strongly and dropped back to just being ordinary.

Last night's overtime win against Pittsburgh is a classic example of the highs and lows of Dion Phaneuf. In the second period Phaneuf was caught flatfooted and allowed Chris Connors to get behind him to score a goal. Then in overtime he did an incredible job to control the puck in the Penguins zone and set up what was eventually the winning goal.

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