Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What it will take for Maple Leafs to make the playoffs

Here is the scoop on the playoff race. With wins last night Carolina is 6 points up on the Leafs and Buffalo is 4 points up on the Leafs. Both teams are on pace to finish with 88-89 points. Both teams made some moves at the trading deadline so finishing at just under 90 points is realistic. So the minimum number of points that the Leafs need to make the playoffs is 90 points or 27 points in the remaining 19 games. That works out to a winning percentage of 71.0%.

Now while the cynics are laughing out loud (better known now as LOL) you should know that since the All-Star break the Leafs have gone 8-2-4. That is 20 points in 14 games or a winning percentage of 71.4%. It’s a stretch to expect the team to keep up this pace for the remaining 19 games but if the hot goaltending continues then it certainly isn’t impossible.

It certainly would be considered progress if this young Maple Leaf team could get a taste of playoff action. Even if it meant an early exit at the hands of the Flyers.

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