Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maple Leaf playoff prospects are razor thin

The Leafs remain 6 points behind both Buffalo and the New York Rangers who hold 7th and 8th place in the East. Six points doesn't seem like such a big spread except if you only have 13 games remaining in your schedule. If the magic number remains 90 points to secure 8th place (it may be more) then the Leafs need a whopping winning percentage of 76.9%. In contrast the Sabres only need to win 53.8% of the games and the Rangers 58.3%.

The Leaf schedule for the remainder of the season includes: Tampa Bay, @Carolina, @Florida, Boston, @Minnesota, @Colorado, @Detroit, Buffalo, @Boston, @Ottawa, Washington, @New Jersey, Montreal. That works out to 7 teams in a playoff spot and 6 outside the playoffs.

Buffalo plays 5 teams in a playoff spot and 8 teams currently out of the playoffs. The Rangers Will play 6 teams in a playoff spot and 6 teams out of the playoffs. Ninth place Carolina has the toughest schedule with 8 teams to play in the playoffs and only 5 out of the playoffs. Atlanta who are tied with the Leafs also face 8 playoff teams and 5 non-playoff teams. The super hot Devils are also on a playoff bubble and will face 9 playoff teams and 5 non-playoff teams.

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