Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time to jump off the Leaf bandwagon

The thud you hear are Leaf fans once again jumping off the bandwagon after that pathetic loss to the Florida Panthers Rochester Americans. Between injuries and trades the Florida lineup in essential call ups from the AHL yet the easily shut out the Leafs.

Thus the unlikely quest for a playoff spot is essentially over. With 10 games remaining and a minimum of 90 points needed for a playoff berth, the Leafs would have to win 9 out 10 remaining games to have a shot. Yet they have only won 4 out of the last 10.

The true diehards will not give up until they are mathematically out. Since they trail Buffalo by only 4 points, there is still hope.

I'm not disappointed though. This is the first season over past 7 where you can actually see an improvement. There is actually a core of good players again and none are even close to 30 years of age. There is even a small stock of actual prospects. Despite the opinion of some big mouthed fans who think Brian Burke is an idiot, he is really doing a fine job. Not every trade, signing and draft is going to work out. I'm sure Burke regrets signing Mike Komisarek just like all the fans. But the franchise is in good hands.

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