Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All these fake trade rumours are getting annoying

You know Pierre McGuire doesn't have 15 twitter accounts. They are fake accounts by people trying to create some mischief. Even "reputable" media people are getting sucked in. Eklund who is the grand-daddy of fake NHL trade rumours is more reputable then so of the current sources.

So Rick Nash isn't coming to Toronto. He probably won't be traded this week at all. Luke Schenn isn't going anywhere either. Brian Burke doesn't make many moves this time of the year because he doesn't like over paying (Kessel was picked up during the off season).

All these supposed insiders don't exist. Teams aren't passing on information about confidential discussions to the media. None of these rumoured deals ever happen but everyone continues to treat each new one as the next big blockbuster. But the demand for hockey news is so great it spawns fake stories which everyone gladly accepts in the absence of anything real. Just look how the sports networks in Canada dedicate the entire programming on February 27 (the NHL trading deadline) to report and dissect deals.

By the way I hear the Leafs are trying to flip Nazem Kadri and a second round pick for Cory Schneider. I've got that from a reliable source. Honest.

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