Monday, February 20, 2012

Brian Burke, find us a goalie before February 27th

Well that was some shellacking the Maple Leafs took from Vancouver on Saturday night. The truth is the 6-2 loss can be pinned on mediocre goaltending. I couldn't watch the whole game, turned it off at 3-0.

Certainly the Canucks are a better team but you don't stand a chance when your goalie isn't as good as the guy playing at the other end of the rink. How many points this season have the Leafs outplayed the opposition but given up more goals? Too many!

When I posed the question last week 'what is the Leafs' greatest need', it should be obvious better goaltending. You can't win without it. Before Saturday night's game, the Leafs goalies stood 24th overall in goals against average and save percentage. Not the type of numbers that get you into the playoffs. All this talk about another top 6 forward is nonsense. The Leafs' offensive has generated the 7th most goals in the NHL. Burke needs to package together what ever it takes to land a solid goalie. Otherwise we've wasted another season being frustrated by inconsistent goaltending.

Let's stop pretending these guys can do it.

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