Monday, February 6, 2012

Congratulations to the Montreal Canadiens for Scott Gomez's goalless year

The Montreal Canadiens have paid Scott Gomez $7,500,000 this past year not to score. Yes today is the one year anniversary since Gomez actually was able to get a puck past a NHL goalie. How can that be? Well under the NHL collective agreement every dollar in his contract is guaranteed irrespective of his performance.

So the Canadiens must have picked him up in a salary dump. They would have gotten a damn good prospect to pick up all that salary. Nope. This was a multiple trade. The Rangers traded Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Mike Busto to Montreal for Christopher Higgins, Ryan McDonagh, Doug Janik and Pavel Valentenko.

Yup buyer beware.

This is a good example of why GMs shouldn't be in a rush to sign long term contracts. You can be stuck for years to come. In addition,you need to avoid paying a player for one good season. This was the risk that the Jays took when they signed Jose Bautista but fortunately for the Jays it paid off. Gomez scored 33 goals during the 2005-06 season which is about double his usual output. He hasn't been close since.

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