Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Will the Leafs make the playoffs?

After each 10 game block I look at the progress the Leafs have been making over the period. Most people agree that teams will need about 94 points to grab a playoff berth. That works out to 11.5 points for every 10 games. The Leafs have not earned over 11 points in a 10-game block since the start of the season. They continue to hang onto that last spot in the East because of their strong start to the season. Without goaltending help I can't see them going on a stretch of hockey that will push them above 11 points. The have been a .500 team over the past 50 games with exactly 50 points.

Games 1-10 = 15 points
Games 11-20 = 9 points
Games 21-30= 11 points
Games 31-40 = 10 points
Games 41-50 = 11 points
Games 51-60 = 9 points

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