Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Someone should have mentioned to the Leafs they were playing in Winnipeg not Edmonton

It's amazing how teams can look so different from one game to the next. Perfect example is the Leafs on Monday night against the Oilers were offensive jaugernauts. The same on Saturday against the Senators. Then last night they could only muster 18 shots and 1 goal. Such is the rigour of an 82-game NHL schedule. You aren't going to have your A game every night.

No question, the Maple Leafs did not bring their A game last night in their 2-1 loss to the Jets in Winnipeg.

Good - Phil Kessel was once again flying up and down the ice and scored his 30th making it 4 straight seasons with at least 30 goals. He is on pace to score 45 goals.

Bad - You aren't going to win too many games on just 18 shots. Although the Oilers allowed the Leafs the free-wheel, the Jets trapped for much of the game and the Leafs couldn't get any sustained pressure.

Good - Hey the penalty killers do it again. It's now 24 penalties killed off without giving up a goal over 16 games. I have my theories. In December management I believe management read Wilson the riot act and forced him to hand over the reins for specialty teams to his assistants. Since then the difference has been like night and day.

Bad - Some people will try to tell you Jonas Gustaffson has a pretty good game. Except that the first goal he let in was a bad goal. And in a 2-1 game you cannot afford to give your opponents an easy goal.

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